**New Update**

December 2016

We’re sad to share with the world that both Kate and Sian have decided to move on and focus their attention on the girls GB team, Volition. Kate has been with the team for 4 years, coming on board for the AA season and three years in AAA. Its a great time for Kate to focus on the girls team as they are currently and plan to remain, the British indoor womens team.

Sian was always only a year long commitment but we did hope to try and convince her to stay! But, as with Kate the success and potential for Volition is too great.

Good luck to both ladies in their new adventures!

As always, we are on the lookout for new 4mula’ites! Watch this space for further info on what the new lineup will be.


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British Nationals 2016  - AAA Silver 18.5 avg

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Joey talking about visualisation and preparation we do before every competition jump.