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Mental preparation and enhanced performance

At the last British Nationals, our coach explains how we prepare for every competition and jump using visualisation techniques, and gentle meditation. You may find this very interesting!

Indoor Skydiving Corporate Team Building Events - HTF Stainless Steel fabrications

We were lucky enough to host HTF Stainless Steel Fabrications Ltd from Ilkeston on their indoor skydiving team building event. Everyone had a super day and had a lot of fun learning how to fly their body in a wind tunnel! Here’s some photos from the event and check our Facebook page for videos of the event.  

If you’re interested in bring your team for an indoor skydiving experience day out you can drop us a line directly via email (link at the top), Facebook, or through our contact page.

The team winning Silver medals at the 2017 British National Skydiving Championships with an 18.9 avg. This is the teams third silver medal in succession adding to the medals in 2015 & 2016.

2017 British Nationals footage